Welcome to the homepage of the 3d modeling program, ClayWorks.

ClayWorks has been a project of mine for many years (It's contemporaneous with 3DS Max and actually older than Blender!) and over the years it's developed in to a sophisticated modelling tool, one that I use for most of my own needs and as a framework for building applications. However, for most of this time it's been a personal project and as such, I've rarely had the time to create a polished release.

However, I've recently built integrated DOS emulations for the oldest two versions:

v3.0 represents the first big rewrite of Clayworks - 2.45 was written in Pascal, 3.0 was in C++. Both had

I'm currently developing a new, clean and more modern scriptable engine framework for all Totga software projects and have ported the core procedural modelling functionality of Clayworks to this new system. I'm very excited about the possibilities provided by the new engine, so watch this space!

I also have a personal site here.