Clayworks 2.45 for DOS © Tim Lewis 1993-2020

Version 2.x of Clayworks, 3D modelling program for DOS was developed in Borland Pascal and 80x86 Assembler between 1993 and 1996

I developed this as a student in school and later in university.

Clayworks sprang out of friendly competition between myself and my friends in college, trying to outdo each other with our graphics programming. We started off using Borland Pascal's built in graphics library but quickly realised it didn't render as quickly as it could and lacked the features we wanted, so we started writing our own. That was my introduction to assembler, graphics programing, the power of maths in art and other good things.

I was particularly pleased with the user interface library I put together for Clayworks: my own answer to the interfaces of the computing giants of the day. I took particular pleasure in making the rendering of UI elements several times faster than microsoft's efforts in the then latest version of windows (3.1 - ancient history!)

This version of Clayworks was released back in 1994 and I continued developing it for a number of years before finally abandoning this codebase to work on version 3.0

The speed of this emulation is generally slower than that on a the native machines circa 1999 but still usable. Download the zip file to run in DOSBOX at better framerates. The source code, such as it is, is included in the zip file.

I've recently restarted Clayworks development, now implemented in Totga Game's cross-platform games and application engine (including for the web), Anthracite.


  • Pan Hold down shift key, move mouse (n.b. this appears buggy in the web version of DOSbox)
  • Rotate (in perspective view) Hold left & right buttons together, move mouse
  • Zoom hold down control and shift, move mouse up and down
  • Move cursor Hold and drag right mouse button in orthographic views Menu Exit - exit Clayworks for DOS, like in ye olden days!