The first alpha test demo for Clayworks 3.0 is avaiable for download! There are still bugs with this release, save is disabled and it's missing a few obvious features (vertex merging, subdivision etc). However, it will give you a taste of the program.

The old version of clayworks for dos is also available for free download. This program does not represent the quality of the new version by any means; it's an old 16bit, 16 colour dos app.

You can also now download the source for version 2.45. I'm afraid it's all in pascal with a bit of assembler but hopefully you'll find it useful, even if you don't code pascal (it's an easy language to read). Please read the readme.txt file inside the zip for more information.

Also, just for fun I've included the very first version of clayworks (1991) for download, including source. It was written for the good ol' Archimedes A3000 and written in basic. To use it, try downloading an Archimedes emulator. I like 'RedSquirrel'.